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     Every family is made up of multiple separate lives, intertwined.
And though they experience the same event, and the impact shared, each of their reactions is deeply personal.
The Flanagans are a normal, three-generation Boston Irish Catholic family living in a triple decker on Mission Hill. The matriarch and patriarch live in the top-floor apartment, and their two daughters and their families each in one of the other flats.
Their problems are those that every family faces, until war changes everything they thought they knew and believed.

AMAZON: Triple Decker by D-L Nelson

Perspectives Publishing, Argèles-sur-Mer, France
Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1-7332696-1-2
Kindle-13: 978-1-7332696-0-5
ePub ISBN-13: 978-1-7332696-2-9

Third-Culture Kid Mystery Series
A Third-Culture Kid (TCK) is a person who has spent a significant part of his or her developmental years outside the parents' culture. The TCK frequently builds relationships to all of the cultures, while not having full ownership in any. Although elements from each culture may be assimilated into the TCK's life experience, the sense of belonging is in relationship to others of similar

The heroine of D-L Nelson's Third-Culture Kid mystery series is Annie Young, a thirtyish tech writer who works in different cities in Europe and the US. In each place she discovers a murder as she deals with her relationships with her wonderful parents, her French fiance and his daughter, and a variety of friends.

by D-L Nelson

A Third-Culture Kid Mystery - Gale / Cengage / Five Star Publishing

The 1st novel to deal with the FATCA law which has been making normal banking life a hell for American expats living overseas.

   Brother Fritz wants to sell. Sister Petra wants to expand. The Bircher family
has manufactured cookies in the picturesque Swiss canton of Schwyz since the
late 1800s. And Annie Young-Perret was warned, when she took an assignment to
write a history of the company, about the ongoing sibling feud over control of
its future. When Fritz is found shot to death, the police arrest Petra. Petra
hires Annie’s French husband, an ex-police detective, to prove her innocence,
and Annie can’t resist helping. Fritz had been negotiating with a firm
specializing in buying and stripping other companies, but his murder happened
before the sale was complete. The company lawyer tries to replace the jailed
Petra with a manager who will move ahead with the deal. The employees, however,
own enough stock to rebel. They put the popular marketing manager Brett Windsor,
an American, in control. As clues accumulate, Annie’s instincts are telling her
who killed Fritz—but her plan for a confrontation may be deadly. 

by D-L Nelson

A Third-Culture Kid Mystery - Gale / Cengage / Five Star Publishing

     Third-culture kid Annie Young-Perret is in Ely (UK) to read from her book Hilke Fulmer: A Swim to Safety while visiting with old friends Janet and Rod MacKenzie when her new husband, Argèles-sur-mer's police chief Roger Perret, has a heart attack. Then another friend is murdered and Rod MacKenzie, the principal suspect, disappears. It is all Annie can do to hold it together as she tries to support her husband and friends emotionally.
     Meanwhile, in an Alpine village, the top four bankers in the world meet. Security chief Martin Bruber is caught unaware when a disruption of service attack hits the major banks worldwide, bringing banking to a standstill. Burt Johnson, who had advance knowledge of the attack, is fired for not stopping it. But his mission is not yet complete ...
     These seemingly unrelated stories will come together as Annie is once again challenged to unravel secrets that lead to murder.

by D-L Nelson

A Third-Culture Kid Mystery - Gale / Cengage / Five Star Publishing

    Annie Young's forte is tech writing and historical research. But with disconcerting frequency as she travels for projects around the world, she finds herself in the middle of murder investigations.
    American-born Annie thinks she's landed an easy assignment translating a book about the small northern Germany island of Insel Poel and some museum information. Then she stumbles upon the bodies of two young Asian women, washed ashore from who knows where. Her visit to the quaint island is compounded by a disturbing case of a teenage girl being abused by her new stepfather.
    Despite the protestations of her fiance, a police chief in southern France, Annie gets steadily more involved.
    Woven through the mystery are the stories of a WWII concentration camp survivor, an RAF pilot and a vicar's daughter, each with a unique historical connection to the beach at Insel Poel.
    When Annie gets too close to the truth behind the murders, she becomes the next target.

by D-L Nelson

A Third-Culture Kid Mystery - Gale / Cengage / Five Star Publishing

ISBN-10 143282693X, ISBN-13 978-1432826932

     Tech writer and Third Culture Kid Annie Young breaks her engagement to Roger Perret when he 'forbids' her to take an assignment documenting a Paris dig supervised by her old lover, archeologist Luca Martinelli.
     The dig, at the site of a thirteenth-century inn, has a tight deadline before new construction starts.
      Amelie LaFolette, another dig volunteer, is found shot on the site. Because Luca had been her lover and is in the process of a divorce from his long-suffering wife Crystal, he is a prime suspect.
      In the fourteenth century, Jacques Fournier, promised to the priesthood at birth, is a dedicated Cistercian brother/scholar. His uncle, abbot at the abbey in Fontfroide where Jacques is cloistered, sends Jacques to Paris to complete his studies and have a real-world experience. Once there he becomes infatuated with Madeleine, the daughter of the inn-keeper, where he is lodging. Her attractions test his faith.
      Annie is caught up in the modern drama while helping to unravel the past.

by D-L Nelson

A Third-Culture Kid Mystery - Gale / Cengage / Five Star Publishing
ISBN 978-1-4328-2616-1

      When Dr. Urs Stoller's body washes up on the Lac Leman beach, no one is sad.
      His colleagues think the world-renowned art historian and Geneva University professor is arrogant and untrustworthy. His wife, Maria-Elena, a chemist at a pharmaceutical company, is more worried about a new blood thinner which is proving unreliable in test trials and is upset that her lover is reuniting with his wife.
      Dr. Stoller was also the thesis advisor for his mistress, Mireille, and provided a fake evaluation of a group of sixteenth-century drawings Mireille found in a dumpster.
      Annie Young, freelance writer and part-time historian, and Mireille are working with their auctioneer friends and former fellow classmates on a catalogue for the biggest auction the men have run yet. The auctioneers insist that Mireille get another evaluation of the drawings. Annie helps Mireille learn more about the artist, a young woman named Elizabeth, who was cruelly treated by her uncle, an official under Jean Calvin.
      Then Annie's fiance, Roger Perret, the police chief in the French village where Annie has settled, arranges an exchange program to Geneva so he can be with Annie, and is assigned to the Stoller case. His investigation leads them all in unexpected and surprising directions ...

by D-L Nelson

A Third-Culture Kid Mystery - Gale / Cengage / Five Star Publishing
ISBN-13 978-1-4328-2551-5, ISBN-10 1-4328-2551-8

     When history buff and multi-lingual American tech writer Annie Young returns to her studio "nest" in Southern France from a Zurich assignment, she can hardly wait to see what Pere-Yves has to tell her about the research they had been sharing in nearby Rennes-le-Chateau. Instead, she finds the priest's body crumpled on his church's steps.
     While she is calling the police, the body disappears. The police think it is her way to get the attention of Police Chief Roger (her ex-boyfriend), but he knows better.
     Although Roger would like to win Annie back, his attitude towards the mysteries of Rennes-le-Chateau alienates her further and she fights being drawn back into his life via his daughter Gaelle. At the same time she misses what they had before they broke up over her frequent assignments in distant countries.
     The police have no clues, even after the body is found in an ancient stone tomb in the church.
     If everyone loved the priest, why was he murdered?
     A second murder may or may not be related.
     Annie herself becomes victim to a stalker who threatens her life.

by D-L Nelson

A Third-Culture Kid Mystery - Gale / Cengage / Five Star Publishing
ISBN-13 978-1-59414-897-2, ISBN-10 1-59414-897-X

Annie Young is a multi-lingual Third-Culture Kid. She was born in New England but grew up in several European countries and is not totally at home anywhere. She earns her living as a contract tech-writer, working part-time so she can indulge in her real passion, historical research.
     When her parents leave Geneva, Switzerland for a new life on the Massachusetts North Shore, where they have inherited a home, she is confused. She thought they were happy in Geneva but her mother is opening an art gallery and her father is talking about moving back to the States permanently.
     Then, as Annie is helping her father clean out the basement of the Massachusetts house, they find a hidden room with a skeleton dressed in pre-Civil War rags and a diary written by a slave escaping via the Underground Railroad. Only later is it noticed by the forensic medical examiner that the skeleton has modern dentistry.
     Annie and handsome freelance journalist Des, who is interested in her as a possible girlfriend, set out to solve the murder despite the visit of her almost-fiance, a French police chief, even as Annie gets involved in an Underground Railroad of a different kind ...

Five Star Expressions
by D-L Nelson
Gale / Cengage / Five Star Publishing
ISBN-13 978-159414-708-1, ISBN-10 1-59414-708-6

Leah Stockbridge was born into the wrong family. Although her typically conventional New England Yankee parents were very nice, loving people, they didn't understand either her rebelliousness or her desire to be an artist. Her high school art teacher does.
     She takes her father at his word when he tells her that as long as he is paying she will go to school where he says, and she finds a way to finance her own art education.
     After she graduates and suffers a personal tragedy, Leah moves to Paris, ties up with the artistic community on Montmartre, and finally comes into her own. Then she is approached by a Swiss banker, Jean-Luc Perroset.
     Against her better judgment, she marries Jean-Luc and finds once again she is tied down to a very conventional life. She puts her artistic ambitions on hold for the sake of her marriage and children. She has everything a woman should want: household servants, more than enough money. Her husband is attentive, despite his work schedule. Finally with the help of a new artist friend, she is able to pull an exhibition together.
     But under the happy surface, an undercurrent leaves her uncomfortable, and she doesn't know why until she runs into a reporter who forces her to see the truth. In doing so, she uncovers a nightmare and is forced to run for her life.

FAMILY VALUE (392 Chestnut Street)
by D-L Nelson
Gale / Cengage / Five Star Publishing
ISBN-13 978-1-59414-873-6, ISBN-10 1-59414-873-2

The Marshes and the DiDonatos live in a Cambridge, Massachusetts two-family house and struggle with the usual problems of a modern life.
     Tony DiDonato can't find a job as a professor of medieval literature so he refurbishes salvaged trash to sell at flea markets and acts as house husband.
     Laurel DiDonato, a safety engineer, discovers her company is breaking the law with dangerous chemicals. The breadwinner of her family, she has to decide whether to risk her job or let the matter ride and endanger others. More than anything she wants to find her birth mother.
     Jay Marsh is a lawyer who does a lot of pro bono work. He is passionate about helping others, something he learned from his adopted artist mother, but he also needs to make peace with his adopted  father, a successful Harvard law professor who is dying. His perceptions of his father's desertion need to be brought in line with reality.
     Carol Marsh is a probation officer working with kids. She loves her work but is still struggling to come to terms with her late mother's alcoholism. Living in her childhood home doesn't help, and the matter is made worse when Jay decides he wants to clean out the basement, where Carol discovers secrets that will bring major changes to the family. She also does not realize that one of her juveniles is part of a racist militia that will threaten her family.
     As these four adults struggle with their problems, they also learn the value of family and friends.

by D-L Nelson

Gale / Cengage / Five Star Publishing
ISBN 1-59414-417-6

"The manila envelope under the chimes," Kate said,
     Jane found it and tore it open. The familiar white dove, having survived fifteen mail trips and one in-person presentation, looked a wee bit tattered. His wish for peace on earth was no less sincere for the many times he'd delivered it. Every possible space on the card had a message written in different colored inks, One was typed on a Post-it Note.
     Jane carried The Card to the sofa. She slipped off her boots and tucked her feet under her. David used to lecture her how that position was bad for circulation. She thought both then and now that if she died before her circulation gave out, she'd have sacrificed years of comfort for nothing.
     Kate had lit a fire in the wood-burning stove. The black cast iron threw enough heat to warm Jane. She slipped her arms out of the sleeves of her down coat.
     He daughter came up behind her and looked over her shoulder. "Can you find the new message? You guys have so much stuff written on it."
     "That stuff covers a lot of living, child-of-mine. Here it is. Under where I wrote, 'This year was a bitch, but at least I'm out of jail.'"
     Kate ran her finger under the new message. "Diana says, 'See y'all soon' Maybe she's coming to Boston. I hope so."

Five Star First Edition Women's Fiction Series
by D-L Nelson

      Peter might dress up like a vegetable, but he's the man-of-her-dreams for popular nursing college professor Liz Adams. Unfortunately, she's still married to David, a cold, ambitious attorney more attached to his cell phone than to her. When Liz finds out she's pregnant, she has to decide between the two men.
     Lots of humor balances out the more serious themes of this novel, including the sexual harassment of college students and the role of misogyny in academic power struggles.

A Novel of Short Stories Written By 11 Women
Proceeds Donated to Breast Cancer Research - available on Amazon
by D-L Nelson and 10 Other Women

      The novel "Lost and Found in Camden" includes 11 chapters written by 11 authors writing about one location, Camden Lock Market, one hot wet August day. Each of the stories connects with the next through a minor character in the previous story that becomes the main character of the next.

The Backstory (from D-L's blog, TheExPatWriter)
      A group of women from many countries (US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, France, Israel, Australia) met on-line through the International Womens Writers Guild. We started out to do a project together. We selected a site, which in this case was Camden Market in the UK. Then we each came up with characters for a short story but we had to use at least one character from another writer's story.
      A funny thing happened on the way to publishing. Short stories aren't that much in demand and we all had limited time so the project languished. That is until one of our writers Kindled it.
     But something really, really nice happened as well. We became friends.
     Some of us met over the years face-to-face but whether it was in person or computer-to-computer the friendships increased. We shared worries, joys, illnesses, jobs lost and found, jobs we wished were lost, new arrivals naturally and by adoption, fears and hopes. When we published something we celebrated, when we were rejected we understood...next time...next publisher... keep at it.
      We lost one of our members and mourned.
      Some of our emails were with the entire group, other times we broke off and had more private conversations. We shared with words and those words touched our hearts.
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